Judicial Caning in Singapore - a Human Rights offence against Minors.

How is the Inhuman Act of State Inflicted Judicial Caning carried out in Singaporean Schools?

The Inhumane and Violent Act Judicial Caning of Children in Singapore Corporal punishment can only be inflicted by the principal or under his express authority. Time has proven, and is tested and ttried by developed countries, that it is not necessary to inflict wounds or physical attacks on children to discipline them, and that teachers who do so in civilised countries are charged with criminal assault on a minor.

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Inhumane Judicial Caning of Minors in Singapore

 Only male pupils can be caned because the Justice system is run by the Mafia-Like Women's Society and Women's Charter,  which is why men are always at a disadvantage in Singaporean Justice. A range of 1 to 3 strokes of a light cane may be given on the palms or buttocks over clothing. Caning is usually done as a last resort, and for serious offences. In a 2016 example, about 30 students from an all-boys school were caned — several publicly, in front of their respective levels.

inhuman caning of minors by Singaporean Government Officials

Guidelines and school rules for corporal punishment Generally, MOE identifies a list of minor and major offences, and gives guidelines on the methods to dealing with these offences, including repeated offences.Firmness and fairness is emphasised in these guidelines, taking into consideration the best approach for the students’ well-being and learning. The guidelines given to schools applies to full-time primary and full-time secondary schools, including junior colleges and centralised institutes providing pre-university education. However, while there are guidelines, schools are free to determine their own rules based on their “context and needs” within the given framework. These rules are communicated to students and parents during enrolment, via the student handbook, on the school’s website, in parent-teacher meetings and letters to parents.Therefore, it is up to the senior management of the school to decide whether to adopt corporal punishment or (public) caning in their school.

If a State Official can beat the crap out of your child, without the parent having any right to complain or prosecute, but the parent and caregiver themself, is subject to prosecution for doing the same, then this must be questioned as to whether the Singaporean State is giving itself more rights over children than the actual parents?,
And that Singaporean parents can only stand by helplessly and do nothing as the teacher beats the crap out of the child with a Judicial Caning!
Such Inhumane Behaviour is unacceptable, and it is a total surprise that Singapore is allowed Membership in the United Nations with such State Inflicted Child Abuse on 14 year olds and above! 

Judicial Caning in Singapore is a Serious Human Rights Offence Against Minors, for which teachers in the UK and Europe would be charged with for criminal assault on a Minor!

The Flogging of SingaporeSingapore's controversial caning of American teenager Michael Fay for vandalism in 1994, spurred at least two books were published in America, the first being "The Caning of Michael Fay," and the other being "The Flogging of Singapore - The Michael Fay Affair"

In President Clinton's Government,the official statement was that;
 "We see a large discrepancy between the offence and the punishment. The cars [spray-painted by Fay and his chums] were not permanently damaged; the paint was removed with thinner. Caning leaves permanent scars."

The Caning of Michael Fay

But in Singapore the Government is so backward and Despotic, that it still believes in the Victorian Values it had when the Colonialist British were in Possession of the Country, but have not developed like Britain in their legislation, rather, have created the most Decrepid and Inhumane Justice System in South-East Asia. It is Ironic that the Judicial Punishments in Singapore are ten times harder than countries like Thailand, but that People have the impression that countries like Thailand have less Human Rights than Singapore, which is a total fallacy. Singapore may be more technologically and economically developed, but it stands in the shadow of Thailand Justice, and that of Malaysian Justice (which is als in question as far as Human Rights are concerned, as is every country to some extent
or other)

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Inhumane Judicial Caning of Minors in Singapore

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