Universal Periodic review Singapore 2017

Here you can watch Singapore’s Presentation in the U.N. Universal Periodic Review,

It is useful to watch, and listen to the claims made by Singapore’s representatives, which we can research and compare the facts with, to see just how the United Nations, permit Nations to stand and make false claims, without any true independent  Monitoring of each Nation’s Internal Affairs, which defeats the Object of a United Nations.

Only when an independent body of observers are present to monitor the Justice administered in each member state, can the U.N. ensure that its member states truly fulfil the requirements, and behave lawfully, without hiding statistics or manipulating the data before it ever reaches entry into a U.N. Annual report.

We have received enough evidence of cases over recent years to be convinced enough to make this website and forum, to counter the silencing of freedom of speech and deprication of Human Rights which is being concealed from the eyes of the U.N. , and is an Offense against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the World Commission on the Rights of the Child, and which the U.N. itself will not take Issue with, unless Immense Pressure and World Public Interest is raised.

Points of Contention in response to statements made by the Representative Speaker;

The speaker states; “we do not allow anybody to exploit freedom of expression”

This does not explain why Singaporean Courts convicted Alan Shadrake in 2010 of contempt of court, for scandalising the Singapore judicial system, through his published views on the country’s criminal justice system.

He was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment and a fine of $20,000???

Is that not exploiting his freedom of expression?