State Violence Against Children in Singaporean Education and Justice System

Teachers Bullying Children in Schools Singapore

The website HUMANIUM.ORG Published a very easy to read and understand basic overview of the Human Rights Issues in Singapore, as far as Childrens Rights in Singapore are Concerned. Especially the issues of State Violence Against Children, which is Rife in the Singaporean Education and Justice System. We also include a link at the end of the article, that reveals shocking evidence about just how bad the State Violence is against Children and Adults with the Judicial Caning System.

The article, written by Barbara Cerrato, is fairly written and does not scandalise the State in any way, merely listing the many good aspects, but also listing some of the bad aspects where Children’s Rights in Singapore are still being Disrespected and Abused. We have outlined in Bold text the issues where Singapore is considered to still be a Children’s Rights (and Human Rights) Abuse Country.

We have included quotes from the website on two of the issues we feel are in need of increased Public Knowledge, namely those of Justice and Education in relation to the Rights of the Child;


State Violence On Children in Singapore

“Singapore’s education system is considered as one of the best in the region” “However, this near image of perfection hides some gray areas that are related to discipline, to discrimination, and the right of self expression”.

In schools, corporal punishment is practiced – especially for boys”.

This type of practice is difficult to control and measure. The law on the regulation of schools allows physical abuse on the palms of the hands or on the buttocks in order to correct behavior, notably for boys. These types of corporal punishment are used in centers for detoxification, detention centers, and military centers, where all boys are supposed to be trained for two years.”

Below; State Demonstration of Judicial Caning in Singapore

State Demonstration of Judicial Caning in Singapore

 “Unfortunately, some forms of discrimination persist, especially against girls, children with disabilities, and non-citizens of Singapore. Data on children with disabilities are very limited and difficult to access. The situation of disabled children is particularly concerning, especially for those older than 6 years old, since compulsory education does not seem to apply to them any more than it does for immigrant children.” – “Another problem is the right of children to express their opinions. The government uses discipline, which does not encourage children to express their own ideas but rather reinforces their feeling of being constantly bullied.”


Above; Do Conflicts of Interest Obstruct the Rapid Introduction of Satisfactory Human Rights Laws in Singapore? Another topic to be covered on the Human Rights Singapore Blog; Both the Press, and the Legal Counsels of Singapore seem to self-silence themselves with Self Censorship, (Imposed by fear of the State?). We shall Investigate and discuss how true such a statement may be, in an upcoming article.

Abusing Children With State Violence In Singapore SchoolsEven though the country has the legal framework for the protection of children’s rights, there is still a need to make further progress.

According to the observations of the 2011 United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, the minimum age of criminal responsibility remains relatively high because it is fixed at 7 years old.

Children between the ages of 7 and 16 can thus be punished by beatings, corporal punishment and through isolation. Children younger than 18 years of age can also be condemned to life in prison.

A downfall of the juvenile justice system is that it is relatively new in Singapore, children between 16 and 18 years old continue to be judged by courts as adults.

The Committee was also concerned about cases where children of 8 years old can be prosecuted by a complaint from their parents.

Children Subjected to State Violence in Singapore

Source; Humanium.Org

You can see four videoclips of Singaporean School Canings on Corpun Website (be careful downloading videos as viruses have been found on that website)

4 Video Clips of Real Singapore Canings

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