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Human Rights in Singapore are in Dire Need of Receiving  More Global Public and Media Attention,  but many issues fail to enter the Public Eye, due to the concealment of Human Rights Abuses in Singapore, through the Silencing of its People, and Foreign Dissidents, and the Self-Censorship it has Imposed upon the Singaporean Press. This Website is one of various slowly emerging projects to bring the hidden side of Human Rights Issues in Singapore to the World Arena, and to give a voice to those who have been silenced, or whose stories have been hidden.

We need your support and help, to succeed in this project, and will be inviting people to submit authorships to tell their stories, and ask us to feature the issues and stories you feel need some attention, and hopefully, one day, we can embarrass the Singaporean State into behaving Itself. and Convince their Ally Nations to Impose more sanctions and put pressure on the Singaporean Government to abolish the laws which abuse Human Rights, and offend the Civilised Nations.

A section of the website where you can submit your stories and suggestions will appear as we develop the site, and a Public Forum will also be placed available for you to express your opinions freely. Please notice this website is a dot com, not a dot SG domain, and cannot be sabotaged or otherwise attacked by the state. We advise Singaporeans to use pseudonyms if you sign up for the forums, to avoid you being persecuted for criticism of the state, in Singapore.

Human Rights Singapore Portal is intended to give freedom of speech, and allow transparency for the attention of the world on the Internet, and to raise public consciousness about the many Human Rights Abuses which are committed, but mostly covered up and silenced in Singapore. World opinion on Human Rights in Singapore, is almost nonexistent, dues to the covering up and silencing of critics imposed by the Government.

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The Truth About International Parental Child Abduction in Singapore

International Parental Child Abduction in Singapore is considered by those in the International Human Rights Community to be a Seriously Ignored Issue, which has even been accused by some anonymous dissidents to be officially ‘covered-up’, for Political Reasons, ignoring the Welfare of Parentally Abducted Children, and creating Antimony with the Comity of Nations in doing …

Singapore Report Rights of the Child Fails to Impress the United Nations

Singapore has submitted a report on its latest compliances with the World Commission on the rights of the Child, and despite bragging about things to  its own people, and hiding dissidence or knowledge about the truth, are beginning to become noticed both by the UN, and by World Public Opinion. The Committee has found Singapore …

State Violence Against Children in Singaporean Education and Justice System

The website HUMANIUM.ORG Published a very easy to read and understand basic overview of the Human Rights Issues in Singapore, as far as Childrens Rights in Singapore are Concerned. Especially the issues of State Violence Against Children, which is Rife in the Singaporean Education and Justice System. We also include a link at the end of …